First of all, Welcome to the Exclusive Meds Pharma! An ever growing Online Canadian Pharmacy that supplies healthcare products and medicines to millions and will keep on doing it for years to follow.

While designing the website, we thought to give it a quite simple look so that working with us becomes a worthy experience. Still, we saw that this “a little different approach” had made many people reluctant while placing the order. The common things we get to hear are:

  1. There is no “Login” page, so how do I proceed?
  2. I tried paying online but no payment option is available. How do I pay?
  3. How do I confirm my order?
  4. Does checkout means simply clicking on “Place the order”, without even going to payment methods?
  5. Your website does not seem to be responsive while checking out!

These things are the ones which were most heard. So, except for replying you separately and confusing you more, below is a simple process which illustrates how you proceed with the checkout.


  • Click on the product you want to buy and mention the respective “mg” of that product along with your desired quantity, as illustrated below:
, How to Place Order

After selecting the desired option for “mg” and “quantity” it will look like below:

, How to Place Order
  • Then, click on Add to Cart and go to the “Checkout” at top right corner of the page. You will land on a page which looks something like below:
, How to Place Order
  • The end of this page has the Payment options with all the details. Copy these. Then, proceed to Place the order.
  • Once done, you have to pay at the copied information (which you saved before placing an order).
  • How do we know that you paid? You send us a proof of payment completion on our account below:

Payment Options

As you know that we offer all the medicines online without the need of a prescription, so we have to stick to a few things. Payment options given at the time of Checkout are the ones which are verified and ensure your safety too!

If you are one of those who want to pay by Credit/Debit Card, Visa, Paypal etc, then proceed to our Payment Options and see how you can pay by your method and still place an order.

We hope it helped. Still confused about something? Have a question in mind? Message us on any of the email address below and get the benefit of our 24/7 service for customers:

If you still have a query, then feel free to email us on:

Guess what? It’s done. Yes, that’s how simple it is to place an order on our website. If you are still confused about something, watch the video below then.

Have a nice time working with us!