Pay via Bitcoin:

This guide includes how to pay in Bitcoin using Credit Card/ Debit Card or PayPal. Scroll down to read your preferred method.

Bitcoin is the most used cryptocurrency right now, all over the world. Its beneficial due to the following reasons:

  1. It provides complete anonymity, while purchasing anything online.
  2. Lower Fraud Risks for buyers. Buyers can easily place an order without giving out any personal information to the website.
  3. No risk of Inflation. Preserve your coins for a long time!
  4. Very low Transaction fees. Whereas, if you compare it with Debit/Credit Card or other options, the fees cut is relatively high.
  5. Easy to use in Any situation. Obviously, you do not have to go through a lot of trials and error methods to use this method. Pay easily and get your order shipped the same day of your payment.

Credit Cards can get locked. This will slow down the payments sent. It can take days or weeks to pay somewhere. But with Bitcoin, the scenario is totally different.  Pay instantly through Bitcoin.

Your payments will get verified within a time period of 4-6 hours.

Note: After you have paid through bitcoin, do send us a screenshot of payment sent. Email it to:

This way, your payments can be looked after carefully and not confused with others.

  • No INVOLVEMENT of any third Party. It is free from all the interruptions of any third party. There is no freezing or taxes etc. No one can seize or steal your coins. It is that much safe.
  • So, get ready for cheap and quick transactions now.

How will it help me with placing an order?

The customers who place their orders via bitcoin, have their parcels shipped pretty soon. Sooner than those who pay through Western Union, Money Gram or any card. The reason is that Bitcoin payments get confirmed in a couple of hours. It doesn’t take a long time. There are no national or International boundaries. No confirmation is required.

Even if you send the payment for the lowest possible rate, still the bitcoin confirmation will not take more than 4-6 hours.

Once payment is confirmed the same day, next thing is that you will not have to wait for days for getting your order shipped.

Rule of the thumb is: Within 24-36 hours of payment confirmation, you will get the tracking number for your parcel. The other methods of payments prolong it a lot. So, simply pay through bitcoin and save the extra 2-3 days which usually go into payment confirmation and are obviously wasted.

What if I want to Pay through Credit Card?

Do you know that you can use the Credit Card for paying by Bitcoin too? If no, then keep on reading below to get the step by step guide.

Many online companies have made it easier to use Credit Card/Visa or any other card and still pay by bitcoin. The website below gives a detailed tutorial which shows how to buy bitcoin using your credit card. Credit-Debit

In it they have given a complete guide illustrating how to use famous websites like CoinBase, CoinMama etc to buy Bitcoin using your Credit Card or Debit Cards.

Can I use PayPal to Pay in Bitcoin?

The answer to this question is also again, YES. Click on the link below to get a complete step by step guide for paying in Bitcoin by using PayPal. Paypal

It’s a comprehensive beginner’s guide and will teach your through, thoroughly.

Let us know on the email address below if there is any other way you want to use for paying us in Bitcoins. We will guide you through that.

Have a good time working with us!